Golden Days Draft Land Use Bylaw #282

Throughout 2021 and 2022, the Summer Village of Golden Days in collaboration with Municipal Planning Services, has been reviewing and updating the Summer Village’s Land Use Bylaw.

Public engagement for this project has included an online survey, an online public open house, mailed newsletters, Summer Village website notices, and a project update report distributed at the Summer Village’s 2022 Annual Information Meeting.  Feedback from the community from each engagement opportunity was shared with Council and incorporated (as directed by Council) into the draft Land Use Bylaw.

Council will be giving consideration to first reading of the Bylaw at the February 8, 2023 regular Council meeting.  A public hearing date will be determined at that time and information about the public hearing will be provided (following the meeting) on the Summer Village’s Website. Please stay tuned for additional information about the public Hearing.

A copy of the draft Land Use Bylaw for first reading can be found here.

The Summer Village would like to sincerely thank all residents would have reached out to provide their comments and feedback throughout this process.   Anyone with questions about the draft bylaw is encouraged to contact Brad MacDonald with MPS at